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One of the tag lines we like to use is “Arizona’s Most Trusted Piano Movers.” You’ll see it on our home page, our paperwork, and who knows, we may even say it to you on the phone from time to time. It’s a pretty bold claim, isn’t it? But we’re pretty bold people, and that’s just how we roll. We know we’re not the only option out there when you’re looking to move your piano, but let us take some time here to explain why we’ve grown into the reputation of being Arizona’s most trusted piano moving company.


Arizona's Most Trusted Piano Movers Explained          1. Community Referrals.

We move 200-250 pianos a month. That is a HUGE number of piano moves – even for a city of our size. The reason we’ve been able to grow so large is because we offer a quality service. We regularly “wow” our customers with our skills, professionalism, and how easy it is to work with us on their piano move. We don’t have a large marketing budget, and we rely largely on word of mouth referrals to grow our business- which it has! People are regularly having a great experience with Safe & Sound Piano Movers and they turn around and tell their friends. You don’t get that kind of response from the community by offering poor service.

Safe & Sound Piano Movers is Arizona’s Most Trusted Piano Movers because Arizona trusts us to move their pianos and their friends’ pianos.


Arizona's Most Trusted Piano Movers explanation          2. Repeat Customers

Phoenix has about 6 million people. They say the average family moves about once every 5 years. That means there is no lack of opportunity for repeat customers. We are at a place in the history of our company where we are beginning to experience a growing number of families using us for multiple piano moves with a number of years in between. That means people used Safe & Sound Piano Movers at one point, then 5 years later remembered they were pleased with our service and made it a point to use our piano movers again. I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast most days!

Trust is earned over time, and when given the chance Safe & Sound Piano Movers have earned our customer’s trust. That’s why they call us when it’s time to move their piano again.


Why are Safe & Sound Piano Movers Arizona's Most Trusted Piano Moving Company?          3. Phoenix Musical Community

There are a number of high profile venues and businesses around the Valley, such as Phoenix Theater or Phoenix Convention Center, that we have had the pleasure of working with for a number of years. These kind of organizations need to have confidence in who they hire to do their piano moving. They choose us time and time again because we consistently provide the high level kind of piano moving service they depend on.

In the professional music community in Phoenix, Safe & Sound Piano Movers has developed the reputation as the go-to piano moving company. That’s no easy feat!


In conclusion, we are proud of the reputation we’ve cultivated over the years. Our customers know and trust us enough to tell their friends and use us again, we’ve earned trust from the musical community, and we look forward to earning YOUR trust!

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