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Our guarantee is that we will move your piano safely and affordably from point A to point B anywhere in the valley. Though we don’t do out-of-state moves, we can refer you to other crews who move pianos to other parts of the country.

Our Moving Crew

Our piano moving team concentrates exclusively on piano and organ moving; we incorporate only the finest piano moving equipment and techniques to ensure your valuables arrive safe and sound. It is our standard policy to have at least 2 to 3 trained piano movers on site for each job to ensure the maximum safety of our workers and your instrument.

Should I use my regular movers to move my piano?

Moving a piano is a big job. The average grand piano weighs over 700 lbs and contains as many as 12,000 parts including a heavy cast iron plate and hundreds of delicate action parts. Many things can go wrong if the job is not done right and that is why we recommend that only professional piano movers do the job.

Have the record high gas prices affected your pricing?

We have held our prices steady for the last 5 years because we understand that high gas prices and a difficult economy are affecting you too. We have taken a number of steps to keep our costs down so we can maintain the best prices for our valued customers. The most common price points are$199 for standard size uprights and $249 for baby grands. Although our prices are on the low side of average, the caliber of service and expertise you receive is on the extreme high end.

What kind of insurance do you carry?

Your piano is 100% insured while in our possession. Each truck carries cargo insurance (to protect your piano in transit), liability insurance (to protect your home and your piano on site) and workman’s comp insurance (to protect our moving team). We are one of the only piano movers to carry a million dollar liability policy (required by many of our high end vendors and resort communities).

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