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Why is insurance important when choosing a piano moving company?

When choosing piano movers you should ALWAYS ask if your pianos is insured while in their possession. It kind of seems like a no brainer, but sadly a lot of piano moving companies do not carry insurance. Obviously this is only a problem when something goes wrong… and when you’re moving a 900 lb instrument balanced on 4 tiny wheels how much could go wrong? I hope you’re picking up on my sarcasm.

The truth is piano moving is more of an art than a science and every situation is different than the previous one. No two piano moves are alike. There are a thousand factors that play into every piano move making it a very delicate and specialized process. Even the most experienced piano movers will make mistakes, or something completely out of their control can happen and your valuable instrument is the thing that will take the brunt of it. Anything from a car accident, to a gust of wind, to the piano mover’s foot slipping is all it would take for your piano to end up on it’s side in a ditch somewhere (ouch!).

Insurance can’t prevent those scenarios, but it can make the situation right in the aftermath. Safe and Sound Piano Movers carries a $1,000,000 insurance policy every day we go out there. We pay the extra amount in carrying insurance because we do no want there to be a situation imaginable where our customers are not 100% taken care of. When you use us to move your piano you can have real peace of mind knowing that whatever happens you will be in a good place.

As you are shopping around make sure the piano moving companies carry insurance.

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