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You’ve got this massive 700 lb lump of wood and steel sitting in your living room and you’re trying to decide if you call a couple buddies to help you load it up into a pickup truck, or if you bite the bullet and hire some professionals. Let me help you make the choice!

I’ve been on both sides of the fence, having moved an antique upright piano (with 5 friends) as well as having hired professionals. I’ll quickly walk through some pros and cons from my experience.

I was young, in college, and in love. What better way to express my youth than through the gift of music! I happened to look on Craigslist one day where I found a free piano. I quickly called the number listed and listened as the lady on the other side confirmed the piano was indeed free, as long as I got it out of her house. So I did some pushups, called my 4 strongest friends (or the first four that agreed to help… I can’t remember) and my friend’s Dad who had a truck. Together we drove to South Chandler, Arizona to pick up this piano and bring it back to Gilbert, AZ.

You can probably imagine where it went from there. I’m proud to say we accomplished the task, but it literally took everything we had. The only pro from my experience was that it was free to move the piano back to my parents house (yes, I still lived with my parents, get over it). The cons were that I had to organize schedules with 5 people- one of whom’s truck we were using, I had to coordinate with the woman giving the piano away, it took a good 4 hours start to finish, and it completely wiped all of us out.

The next time I used Safe & Sound Piano Movers. I spent 5 minutes on the phone with them, and they literally did everything else. They
  • coordinated with both the pickup and drop off location
  • they provided the truck (which was a customized box truck)
  • they provided all the man power necessary
  • they provided all the pads and straps required
  • they made my life easy!
If You’re A Starving College Student, Move It Yourself; Otherwise Hire Professional Piano Movers to Move Your Piano.

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