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One of the advantages to using Safe & Sound Piano Movers over most of the other piano moving companies in town is the fact that we send out at least a two man crew for every piano moving job. Let me give you a couple reasons why this is important.

1. Most piano moving companies consist of one guy trying to most upright pianos and baby grand pianos alone. Most customers don’t realize this when they are booking the move, but are very surprised when the doorbell rings and there is just one man standing there. “Where’s the rest of your team” you’ll probably ask as you look over his shoulder. Sadly, he’s all you get.

This is a problem particularly with baby grand pianos. It a minimum two man job to move a grand. There is a point in the process where one guy needs to lift the entire piano while another person needs to position the piano dolly under the piano. There’s just no way to do it by yourself. So what typically ends up happening is the piano mover will ask you, the customer to help them out during this part. Yikes!

How about you hire the professionals that will 100% handle your move start to finish.

2. Getting the piano on the dolly is only half the job. Now you’ve got to wheel it to the truck, load it up, and secure it in the truck. Would you rather have one guy trying to balance steer and push the piano, or would you rather have multiple hands working together to seamlessly transport your piano to and from the moving truck? I’ll take two, thank you very much!

3. When there are any kind of steps or stairs involved in the piano move you absolutely NEED a minimum of two people on the job. That means steps leading up to your house, a step up into your home, a sunken in living room, a split level house, etc… The process of moving pianos up and down steps is the most vulnerable point in any piano move. The piano is tipped, only two wheels of the dolly are on the ground, and a lot of things can go wrong. Don’t let that happen to your piano. Make sure your piano movers are going to send out at least two men and protect your valuable instrument.

Safe & Sound Piano Movers always sends out at least two men. We’ve been known to send out three or four men if it’s a larger piano or the piano move involves a lot of stairs. We don’t take any chances with your piano. That’s why we’ve become Arizona’s most trusted piano movers.

So call us at (602) 426-9640 and use piano movers you can trust to take the proper care of your instrument.

Believe me, it will be worth it!

You need two men for your piano moves. Don't trust just one!